"È la Liguria terra leggiadra. Il sasso ardente, l’argilla pulita, S’avvivano di pampini al sole."

An alternative experience to discover Liguria is HIKES! And Poggio Hotel recommends:

  • The Gulf of Poets:

The excursion takes you through a pleasant viticultural landscape and two protected areas recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is the Regional Park of Porto Venere and Cinque Terre National Park. The route passes through the village of Campiglia and Telegraph where you have the chance to admire an ancient military fortress before descending towards Riomaggiore, through the vineyards and forests of the Path 1 or "Dirt of the Sanctuaries", leading to the destination Riomaggiore, famous for its castle.

  • From Portofino in Camogli:

the hiking route that starts from the famous Portofino and ends in the pleasant old town of Camogli is developed entirely through the wonders of the protected area of the Regional Natural Park of Portofino: a veritable treasure chest of natural treasures and historical landscape. The trail, mostly dirt road, continue until you reach the turnoff for the paradisiacal bay of Cala des Anglais. After about an hour you will reach the old military base of World War II "Base 0", viewpoint today before the steep descent of up to San Fruttuoso and its unmistakable Abbazia di Capodimonte. On the opposite side of the beach is immediately ascends steeply among terraces planted with olive tree and then down the coast which offers views towards the crystal-clear waters. In Cala d'Or you will notice the ancient watchtower. A little further on is often driven short passages where you must cling to heavy steel chains and, in the locality Fornelli, you can see some wartime bunker. After two kilometers you will arrive at San Rocco square; descending a “crêuza” flanked by houses and terraces you end the tour at Camogli.